• Hydrostatic testing
  • Dedicated estimating and project
    management group
  • Drafting and design team, latest design
    software including 3D
  • Packages 45’x 22’ up to 130,000#
  • Welding - structural, piping and alloys
    including 17-4 S/S, 316S/S, 316L, Super
    Duplex, aluminum, 4130, and carbon steel,
    orbital welding of 2507 tubing
  • Electric, engine and turbine packages to 5000HP
  • Control systems
  • Flushing and cleaning to NAS/ISO standards
  • Designed and fabricated packages with
    pressures to 20,000 PSI
  • Experienced with high pressure cone & thread
    and compressions fittings
  • On site testing, flow measurement
  • International field service